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You Can Rent Out this Eerie, Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park

Source: David Rush

Nestled in scenic Beech Mountain, North Carolina rests an abandoned “The Wizard Of Oz” theme park. Land Of Oz was once a booming business hosting 20,000 people on its opening day. The park, which opened in 1970, was hit with tragedy that tarnished its initial success.

After the death of its original owner right before opening and a mysterious fire in 1975, Land of Oz closed its doors in 1980.

Land Of Oz was a park filled with bright colors and charm.

Source: Emerald Mountain

Futuristic looking ski-lifts ran throughout, so you could enjoy the view of the mountains.

Source: Emerald Mountain

In 2015, the park is still standing, but remains abandoned all but one day a year when it opens to the public. Even though the park was refurbished by locals enough to reopen once a year, it still remains in various states of disrepair and has that eerie, horror flick vibe that makes abandoned theme parks so alluring. That’s partly because the upkeep of the land is dependent on the proceeds of that one-day opening.

The yellow brick road is definitely not all that yellow anymore.

Source: Emerald Mountain

There’s not a ton you can do with that other than keeping it standing upright, even if an upwards of 8,000 people attend the event each year. Land Of Oz isn’t a lost cause despite its closing. You can rent the place out for private parties and take private tours if you’re into that whole abandoned fairy tale aesthetic. Imagine a Wizard Of Oz themed wedding set on these grounds?

But the foliage is pretty during the fall.

Source: Emerald Mountain

And the castle is still magical in the winter.

Source: Emerald Mountain

If you want to rent out the theme park, you can visit Emerald Mountain’s website.

Check out the video below to learn more about Land Of Oz:

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