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This Thai Resort Is Surrounded By Trees And Was Inspired By Four Fictitous Clans

Tucked into a sloping hillside on the island of Phuket, Thailand sits Keemala, a resort getaway designed by Space Architects and Pisud Design Company. Rather than tear down the existing vegetation to create the resort, the design focused on complimenting nature and making the most of the landscape that was there. Vibrant colors, earthy fabrics, and natural materials used throughout the resort are all meant to show appreciation of both the land and the culture of the local people.

More info: Keemala, Instagram, Space Architects, Pisud Design Company (h/t: contemporist)

The resort was inspired by the story of four fictitious clans that settled on the island and united to form a community that offered help and respect to others while still maintaining their knowledge and beliefs.

The design of each of the four types of villas is representative of each clan with unique details in each villa that reflect the qualities of a specific clan and the story of how the clans came to settle there is depicted in the mural that welcomes guests to the resort. The Bird Nest Pool Villas are designed to offer a taste of the lavish and luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by the Rung-Nok clan. Situated up in the trees, criss-crossing strips cover the outside of the villas to create an exterior that resembles a birds nest.

A canopy bed, bathrooms with a view, and a private pool overlooking the forest and surrounding sea await guests inside the villa.

The Tree Pool Houses feature a second floor and hanging furniture to create extra height and put guests just a little bit closer to the sky, something the people of the We-Ha clan longed for.

A private pool, a spa like bathroom, and incredible panoramic views give guests an opportunity to unwind and get closer to nature while still enjoying the luxuries of a resort stay.

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