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Spanish Artist Creates Picasso-Inspired Murals Combining Cubism With Realism

Born in 1979 in Linares, Spain, Miguel Angel Belinchon Bujes alias Belin is already famous for his talented way of spreading the codes of hyperrealism among suburban landscapes. A natural sense for proportions allows Belin to be considered as a reference since he has started his work in 2001. His mural paintings, created only from spray techniques without using stencils, are immediately recognizable among others in the eclectic world of urban art.

More info: Miguel Angel Belinchon Bujes, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

Over the past 15 years, Belin has captured human nature through his own quest for perfection in shapes and lines. He is now looking after another kind of esthetic pleasure. That is the reason why he has started to implement multiple angles in his work around faces and bodies, trying to give a better sense of the diversity in human expressions and feelings. Breaking the rules of proportion is now a great source of inspiration and leads him to explore a more subjective art.

In the process, Belin keeps using vivid colors and a mix in textures. These techniques are combined to some elements of its former hyperrealistic draw creating a totally new dynamic in his pieces. The distance taken from proportions is making its new style even more unique than before. Belin likes to define this experiment as “Post Neo Cubism”, paying his tribute to the amazing work of the Spanish master Pablo Picasso.

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