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Subterranean Amusement Park Located 400 Feet Underground In A 17th Century Salt Mine

This isn’t your average amusement park, not by a long shot. The Salina Turda Durgău is located an incredible 368 feet underground in Transylvania.

More: Salina Turda Durgău, Facebook h/t: canyouactually

It used to be an old salt mine dating all the way back to the 17th century. Before mining stopped back in 1932 Salina Turda excavated over 3 billion tons of salt, and since then the place has been a little bit of everything from a cheese storage facility to a bomb shelter.

It was then renovated into an awesome amusement park back in 2009, and has since become a popular tourist attraction. Making your way down to the park you get to see just how beautiful the salt mine really is!

Some of the attractions include an underground theme park, equipped with an amphitheater, Ferris wheel, mini golf course, and a lake complete with rowboats.

What’s even better is that it will only cost you $6 to get in! Pretty sweet huh?!

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