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“Workwears”: We Are Not Our Jobs, A Photo Project By Bruno Fert

“The series of photos called Workwears, by French photographer Bruno Fert, visually juxtaposes people’s private lives with their lives at work. A firefighter, a fisherman, a nurse, a diver, a judge. One by one, Fert’s photos show people in their homes wearing everyday clothing – followed by another photo showing them dressed in the clothing of their chosen professions. Our reaction, Fert said, reminds us how tightly humans hold on to certain stereotypes about some professions. “I like to break those stereotypes”, he said”. – Thom Patterson via CNN.

Jean-Marc is a priest. In this “Workwears” series, photographer Bruno Fert uses juxtaposition to challenge viewers’ stereotypes. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Lola is seen at left in everyday clothes – and then at right in her work clothes. She works as a clown in Paris. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Delphine is a scientific researcher at a French university. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Claire is a dancer from Paris. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Marc, a helicopter pilot, stands in his kitchen in La Londe-les-Maures, France. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Gael is an underwater diver. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Emanuelle is an Army lieutenant. At left she holds her child. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Vincent is a singer. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Marion is a nurse from Rueil-Malmaison, France. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Vincent is a dancer from Paris. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Marion works as a firefighter. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Alain is a fisherman from Port-Vendres, France. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Aurelie is a chemist. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

Stephane is a judge in Paris. (Photo by Bruno Fert/Picturetank)

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