Artist Shepard Fairey Adapts Obama’s Hope Poster For Trump Inauguration

Shepard Fairey, whose iconic posters supporting Barack Obama’s 2008 election won him Design of the Year, has a new offering for this Friday’s presidential inauguration. The American graphic designer has applied the same posterised style and palette of red, beige and blue of the Hope imagery to three new designs, created for nonprofit organisation the Amplifier Foundation.

More info: Shepard Fairey, Kickstartrer (h/t: dezeen)

“Eight years ago, the artist Shepard Fairey made the iconic image that captured a period of hope in America,” says the Amplifier Foundation on its Kickstarter page.

“Today we are in a very different moment, one that requires new images that reject the hate, fear, and open racism that were normalised during the 2016 presidential campaign,” it continues. “So on inauguration day, We the People will flood Washington, DC with new symbols of hope.”

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