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Jeweler Bryan D. Drummond Creates Carved Gemstones with Intricate Patterns


Bryan D. Drummond, a Las Vegas-based artist, intricately carves gemstones like blue topaz, citrine, and tourmaline with patterns inspired by fractals, grids, religious symbols, and ancient architecture.

Using custom equipment, including a modified 16th-century woodworking machine, he engraves naturally occurring motifs and geometric designs that enhance the stones’ depth and shimmer. Drummond’s choice of motif is influenced by the gem’s surface area and color, adding layers of shadow to the light-catching jewels. He is currently working on amethyst and sunstone from California and Oregon, respectively, which he mined himself.

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[image] 85569
[image] 457466
[image] 482682
[image] 873044
[image] 1606318
[image] 1874656
[image] 2444041
[image] 2781756
[image] 2812041
[image] 2877908
[image] 3001547
[image] 3114186
[image] 3181256
[image] 3204818
[image] 3929550
[image] 4041773
[image] 4254473
[image] 5144044
[image] 5414951
[image] 5792426
[image] 5843672
[image] 6036440
[image] 6922491
[image] 6970569
[image] 7643756
[image] 7707115
[image] 7814635
[image] 7895592
[image] 9017221
[image] 9064277
[image] 9324837
[image] 9395984
[image] 9410574
[image] 9647630
[image] 9705708
[image] 9716295
[image] 9839190
[image] 9857277

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