Magical Drawings Put Women In Conversation With Their Inner Demons

The devil and femininity have long been entangled. From Eve’s creation of original sin to The Devil Wears Prada, women portrayed as satan are represented as the downfall of the good man. But one artist is reclaiming the devil for women and their personal demons.

Got 2 Get Through This

In Polly Nor’s whimsical illustrated world, woman is a devil unto herself. She sheds her human skin and drinks a beer, horns out and cigarette in mouth. Her demons brush her hair in the bathtub. They hug and dream and fall asleep in pink sheets.

More info: Polly Nor, Instagram (h/t: thecreatorsproject)

Babe You’re Going To Be Fine

After drawing the two a few times and receiving a positive response, Nor began focusing exclusively on the relationship.

“I like the limitation of using the same two subjects, the woman and the demons, but each time capturing something new. I find it really satisfying.”

Nobody Knows

Up All Night

Almost There

It Got Loose

Devil Skin

Too Good For You

Caught Up

Thinking About You

Nor worked with animator Andy Baker to bring her demons to life. In the music video, the lines between what’s real and what’s not blur:

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