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Turkish Artist Makes Collages You Probably Wouldn’t Expect

Collage has strengths that a simple photo doesn’t have. A simple photo can’t combine and connect visual meanings between different contexts as well as collage. Collages also open up an extra dimension of art by mixing two different images and “forcing” them to interact and create new meaning. In today’s post, the Turkish artist Semih, going by the name of selftasy on Instagram, showcases the versatility of the collage technique in his own way.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpnada

“Hello, I am Semih from Turkey. I am an architect, also studying urban planning Ph.D currently. Far from academic, or professional activities, in my free zone, I’m making some digital collages. I’m very interested in ‘semiotic’ and ‘assemblage’ approaches, I think they are the foundations of my art motivations.

What I am doing is briefly blending concepts and objects at the same time. What I believe is each being has a bond with all other beings. Most of the time, these bonds are still hidden or unexplored. Therefore, revealing them is fun. So I hope you will enjoy my meaning circus,” an artist told Bored Panda.

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