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Ozzy Ironing a Baby, 1983

Ozzy Osbourne ironing a baby in 1983 as photographed by Mark Weiss. Weiss was a photographer for Circus Magazine beginning in the late 1970s where he began photographing Rock music’s legends. He has photographed many popular album covers including several for Bon Jovi.

h/t: vintag.es

“That’s Ozzy with his daughter, Aimee, in 1984,” Weiss told The Rolling Stone. “That was a play off of his album, Diary of a Madman. It was for a Mother’s Day issue [of Faces magazine]. The idea was to dress him up like a mad housewife, you know, Diary of a Madman/Diary of a Mad Housewife.

“Aimee came in at the end of the shoot, and I said, “We have to throw her into the shot.” There are actually some photos of him ironing Aimee, too. And after it came out, people were like, “How could you do that?” I was like, “We didn’t do that. It was a prop. The kid is OK.” But me and Ozzy got a lot of attention for a lot of photo shoots we did.”

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