10 Finalists Of The World Wildlife Day Photography Competition

Kingfisher by Gàbor Li, 17, from Hungary:

Gabor Li/WWD2017

Ten finalists capture the theme of “through young eyes” in this young photographers’ competition that aims to engage youth around the world in wildlife conservation.

More info: World Wildlife Day

African lion by Damaris Lopez Zamora, 20, from El Salvador:

Damaris Lopez Zamora/WWD2017

A group of crane flies by Breech Asher Harani, 25 (24 at time of entering), from the Philippines:

Breech Asher Harani/WWD2017

Mantis by Nathan Horrenberger, 23, from Switzerland:

Nathan Horrenberger/WWD2017

Northern potoo by Jorge Figueroa, 24, from Mexico:

Jorge Figueroa/WWD2017

Heavy bodied jumping spider by Md Rashuidul Rabby, age 23, from Bangladesh:

Md Rashuidul Rabby/WWD2017

Wire-tailed swallow taken by Ali Javed, 24, from Pakistan:

Ali Javed/WWD2017

An African flap-necked chameleon taken by Samson Moyo, 19, South Africa:

Samson Moyo/WWD2017

Rhesus Macaques taken by Swaroop Singha Roy, 22, from India:

Swaroop Singha Roy/WWD2017

Confusing bumblebee taken by Gabriel Best, 19, from the US:

Gabriel Best/WWD2017

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