The Oddest Subway Station In China

Chinese netizens have dubbed Caojiawan subway station on Line 6 of the Chongqing Metro as the “oddest station.”

The mysterious station in southwest China’s Chongqing municipality was planned with three access points. Only one entry point of three has been opened so far.

One exit was opened in October 2015. It may not be that easy to find though: It’s surrounded by clumps of weed and muddy alleys. No main roads are directly linked to the exit.

The two unopened exits are even more difficult to find, as they are in a completely isolated wasteland. Locals can spot these entrances only if they are standing directly in front of the doors.

Hidden in an obscure location, a lone elevator near the two unopened access points are yet to open.

“Usually there are rare passengers. It is quite normal to see no passengers here,” a subway employee told Chongqing Morning Post on Monday.

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