Classic Cars Found Abandoned In Welsh Mine For More Than 40 Years

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The mountain of 100 plus cars were found in various conditions inside a slate mine in Ceredigion, Wales, which was closed in the 1960s. A brave team spent four hours wandering through the ‘dangerous’ cave before they stumbled upon the rusty vehicles.

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IT Engineer Gregory Rivolet, 31, said he used a rope to descend 65ft into the dark mine that was opened in 1836.

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“It was very dangerous as the mine is really unstable. Pieces of slate were falling from above our heads. There was something so surreal about this exploration, it was totally dark, wet, slippery and very dangerous. And then you see the most unexpected thing, a mountain of old cars.”

Picture: Urbexground /

The mine is believed to be more than 200ft deep.

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Picture: Urbexground /

Picture: Urbexground /

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