Street Memories: Surreal Digital Collages By Nacho Ormaechea

Nacho Ormaechea is a talented Spanish artist, photographer, graphic designer and art director currently lives and works in Paris, France. Nacho studied illustration and graphic design at Ecole Estienne. He uses digital collages to imagine the stories of the people he comes across on the street.

More info: Nacho Ormaechea, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

“My education in Fine Arts and Graphic Design allows me to create, by my stagings and my photographs, new and powerful images that meet the expectations of my clients,” Ormaechea explained.

In his latest project “Street Memories” Nacho Ormaechea fills in the silhouettes of people with images that he feels reflect their mental state.

“The idea came naturally as the logical consequence of my inclination to observe people as a sort of secret game. I have always liked this idea of transforming a concrete reality into a field of unlimited narration.”

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