Where’s Waldo Coronavirus Edition Is Here And It’s A Tad Easier To Spot Waldo Than Usual – Design You Trust

Where’s Waldo Coronavirus Edition Is Here And It’s A Tad Easier To Spot Waldo Than Usual

The famous “Where’s Waldo?” puzzle has left so many people with sore brains after scanning for Waldo for hours, if not days, since 1987.

With the coronavirus pandemic changing the ways we used to live, Waldo is no exception. Inspired by Martin-Handford‘s iconic hero, the artists Pedro Mezzini and Clay Bennett gave Waldo quite a lone makeover. Thanks to global efforts in social distancing, for the first time ever, this boy is one heck of an easy target. Sorry to interrupt your stroll in the park, Waldo, but shouldn’t you be staying at home?

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