Hillary White Puts Pop Culture in Classic Art

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Bird

We look at a lot of pop culture mashups here, but there’s just something about the mashups of illustrator Hillary White, probably because they show a clear knowledge of art history and technique. And then they use that knowledge to put Muppets, Star Wars, Voltron, and Silent Hill characters and more in famous paintings, like Domenichino’s The Maiden and the Unicorn.

The Choice Of The Avengers

Harder, Better, Sacred

Temptation of Robin

Virgin of the Lily Pad

Voltron Dans Les Coquelicots

A Boy and His Dog

We’re Off To See the Wormhole

Nightmare at Café Terrace

St. Kryptonia

The Triumph of Love

Pennywise’s World

Alien the Terrible

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