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German Company Fritz-Kola Starts Campaign Related To G20 Meetings

The German beverage producer Fritz-Kola just started a really amazing campaign. As some of you may know, from 7-8 July the G20 meeting is taking place in the German city Hamburg.

The yearly meeting is kind of a trial of strength between the most powerful nations planning worlds future. While the big players are talking, the city is quite near to a state of exception which in fact is leading to interventions into civil right and restrictions for inhabitants and business people.

The whole campaign is written in German language and is titled “Mensch, wach auf!”, which basically means “Man, wake up!”.

The company tries to raise consciousnesses regarding this meetings, which take place closed from public and little to nothing is known about what they really decide about.

More info: Fritz-Kola (h/t: @n3bul4)

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