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Whoo Could Resist This Cuddly Crochet Owl Blanket?

Have you ever wished you could be a bird? Now you can, with a little help from MJ of MJ’s Off the Hook Designs. She’s created a cozy owl blanket that, when worn, looks like you’re a nocturnal creature with a penchant for mice. The crochet pattern is similar to a fringe throw, but it has a playful twist—the large owl eyes, tiny pointed nose, and feathery ears double as a wearable hood. So, forget your sweatshirt. Now, you can curl up on your couch and stay extra warm as your torso and head are covered.

More info: MJ’s Off the Hook Designs, Facebook, Raverly (h/t: mymodernmet, diply)

“This Blanket is designed as a gorgeous hooded fringe throw. Wrap yourself up, forget your worries and be the owl! Or simply lay the blanket over top and admire your cozy owl Blanket. When not in use tuck into a pillow. This fun whimsical design will make any owl fans day and makes the perfect gift!”

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