Bulgarian Born Designer Stanislava Spasova Creates Beautiful And Bizarre Gothic Jewels And Outstanding Headpieces

Enchanting and refined, the dark universe of Atelier Selene de Viollet will tug fashion and fantasy art lovers’ heartstrings. Behind this mysterious name is hiding Bulgarian born designer Stanislava Spasova.

She is the creator of the brand, formerly called S-moon-S. Her creations merge the poise of antique goddesses and Victorian vampires with contemporary and alternative elegance. The sophisticated outfits are adorned with fancy details as well as fantastic accessories such as gothic jewels and outstanding headpieces. Dressed in Atelier Selene de Viollet, you can easily channel your inner nymph or your favorite heroic fantasy princess.

“At first, I wanted to create an ornament for my bedroom wall, but by mistake, I cut it out in the negative rather than the positive. So, spinning it round in front of the mirror and trying to think what else I could use it for, I put it on my neck. I loved the way it looked and asked my mom for a piece of leather, and I used it as a template. Finally, I added some glass beads and I liked it even more. One year later, my friends from the first Gothic shop in Bulgaria gave me the opportunity to sell my creations and the rest, as one could say, is history,” Stanislava told Beautiful Bizarre.

More info: Instagram, Facebook, Etsy (h/t: beautifulbizarre)

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