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Vintage Adverts Of Hair Necessities For Men From The 1970s

Whilst the world of ladies’ grooming and hair care products seems to be constantly evolving and presenting new and ever more challenging products the main thing us chaps need to worry about according to the magazine and newspaper advertising is er, dandruff. Now call us old stick in the muds but we reckon that whilst products (and the marketing therein) for the fairer sex have improved beyond comparison we seem to have got a bum deal. In fact we would argue that things have in fact moved backwards.

Take a look at this plethora of tonsorial advertising from back in the day for such essential products as men’s hairspray, Brylcreem, what appears to be some kind of moustache shampoo and more combs than you can shake a stick at. Now does our hair and do our ‘taches get that kind of attention today? Absolutely not and we most certainly are not happy about it.

So, back to a time when hirsute men were valued for their hirsuteness and advertisers recognized the value of the pound (or dollar) in a man’s wallet (which is more than they do now!)

h/t: voicesofeastanglia

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