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Bride-To-Be Invents IKEA Bag Hack To Pee Worry Free On Her Wedding Day

IKEA Hackers

Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones in your life, a day to cherish and remember forever. But it can also be a stressful one too. With months of meticulous planning going into this celebration, you want everything to go smoothly! So you account for every potential problem that could possibly occur.

But did you think about how you’re going to go to the toilet in that huge wedding dress? With the champagne flowing, there are going to be frequent pee breaks, and it’s hardly realistic to be getting dressed and undressed each time.

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IKEA Hackers

Enter this British woman, only identified as Tina. She really has thought of everything, and solved this particular issue with our old friend the IKEA bag. She posted the pictures of her genius hack on IKEA hackers blog, and it quickly went viral.

Cutting a hole in the bottom of the iconic bag, Tina gathers the folds of the dress and lifts the bag up, putting the straps over her shoulders. Now the fancy, ‘mermaid-style’ wedding dress is all in one neat package, and won’t get sullied by a dirty bathroom floor. Clever, right?

IKEA Hackers

“Well, I got married a few weeks ago (in a mermaid wedding dress) and I was really worried about going to the bathroom and not being able to … handle myself,” Tina said about her invention.

“Someone helping or watching me going to the bathroom on my wedding day? Not being able to have free hands to use the toilet paper? Or even worse if my period decides to show? NO WAY! Some stuff like this bridal bathroom helper exists but are expensive just because it is wedding related.”

IKEA Hackers

“My bridal bathroom helper hack costs about 0.80 euro and I did it the day before my wedding. It took only 3 minutes. What I like best is it’s almost free and allows me to make my life easier on my wedding day. So here is the hack.”

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