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This Is The Most Mind-Blowing Newspaper Ad You Have Ever Seen

If you are like most people I know, you don’t spend much time reading newspapers these days (and I do mean the ones of the actual paper variety) and even less time browsing through their ad sections. But you know what, once you’ve seen the images below, you will probably start wondering about the things you may be missing out on. I know I am.

This newspaper guy — Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar — has really upped his game here, trying to get our attention. Salazar calls his amazing new concept Cocinas Corona (Corona Kitchen) and, at a first glance it looks just like a page from the classified ads section. But then you realize that it is 3-dimensional and it look incredibly real. I mean, see for yourself below and tell me what you think in the comments below.

More info: Behance

I think I will now start browsing through the ad sections of the NYT and WSJ while waiting for my espresso at Starbucks. Share these incredible 3D paper ads with your friends below and have them take part in your amazement!

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