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15 Hilarious Photos That Were Made Instantly Better By Photoshop Masters

Photoshop can be used to a multitude of ends, be it touching up a photograph to make it more flattering, or super-imposing an entirely different background into a seemingly innocuous picture to hilarious effect. One thing is for sure: Photoshop is an indispensable tool for budding photographers of the 21st century.

Adding that sense of danger

Of late, an online movement has seen internet users issue requests to some of the more proficient photoshoppers out there, asking them to improve or alter an original snap in some way or another.

In celebration of those nimble fingered Photoshop gurus then, here are some of the very best photos that were made instantly better, thanks to the seemingly never-ending powers of picture editing.

h/t: viralthread

Make it look like I’m running from bad guys

Talk about bringing the photo to life

Everyone likes a man in uniform right?

Me and my cat, fighting on the front line

My boxer shorts are out in this photo, could you remove them?

When you ask to make the background look dangerous

Could you make me look like I’m in a movie?

Would you be able to lower the pants below my socks and put a bottle in front of me?

My face is in the shadows, could you brighten it up?

It’s always best to be specific

I look a little bored here, could make it more exciting?

I’d like to look taller than my friend in this photo…

This Photoshop of me at the Grand Canyon isn’t very good, can you help?

Can you put an attractive lady next to me?

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