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Hilarious Illustrations Show What Famous Characters Would Buy At The Supermarket

Deadpool And Unicorn Soft Toy

According to an artist Linda Bouderbala: “I’m sure my favorite characters have needs too. In our consumeristic society, I wondered what they could buy if they could do their shopping just like us in a supermarket… With all those mass market products within easy reach. Here’s the result of my imagination!”

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Pennywise And Red Balloons

Mario And Mushrooms

Rapunzel And Detangler

Popeye And Spinach

Minions And Bananas

Catwoman And Cat Litter

Sadness And Tissues

Chewbacca And Shampoo

Olaf And Carrots

Shaggy And Tape Rolls

Master Roshi And “TV” Magazine

Ryuk And Apples

Jigglypuff And Markers

Baymax And Scotch Tape

Professor Utonium And Sugar

Bender And Beer

Bob Parr And Cookies

Rick And Pickles

Cinderella And Pumpkin

April O’neil And Pizzas

Pikachu And Ketchup

Poison Ivy And Weedkiller

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