Czech Photographer Michal Pudelka: Girls, Girls, Girls

Photographer Michal Pudelka’s portfolio (previously featured) reads as an amalgamation of the ‘girl clique.’ With references that range from The Virgin Suicides to Mean Girls (and any other nod to one of the multitude of teen-girl dramas in between.) Pudelka evidences a knowledge of the power of dressing and the connotations and significance it can hold to individuals from their childhoods.

His fashion editorials for the likes of Another Magazine, Bullet Magazine and brands such as Adidas, feature youthful narratives where style is an overriding power. Pudelka’s shoots are playful, colourful and uniformed; where his women pose as an elite power force of femininity to be reckoned with. You’d better wish you were in their gang.

More info: Tumblr, Instagram (h/t: juxtapoz)

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