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7 Fantastic Pieces Of Advice For Taking Photos On The Beach


1. Raise your chin, straighten your shoulders — and smile!

Thousands of people love posing for holiday photographs on the beach every year. But often, not everyone is happy with how they turn out. Here are seven simple rules to help you get the most professional-looking photographs you’ve ever taken.

2. Put your legs together and raise yourself up on your tiptoes. This strikes a more impressive pose and makes your legs look longer.


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3. Cross your legs, hold in your stomach, straighten your back and place your hands on your waist for a very flattering shot.


4. When lying on a deck chair, try to simply rest on your elbow rather than spread all of your body weight on it. Also, keep your knees together.


5. If you’re taking a photograph in profile, be careful not to stoop.


6. Do not stoop when you’re taking a shot sitting down either. In fact, avoid stooping even when you’re not taking a photograph!


7. If you’re taking a shot close up, it’s better to take it with your face and body slightly turned away from the camera, and with your chin somewhat raised

h/t: oddstuffmagazine. Photos © by Lezlli&Rose

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