How this Man’s Saved a Duckling

Day 1 – The Peep has Hatched

If we asked you to think of your favorite cute animal, you might not immediately list a duck, but when you see this Reddit user and his pet duckling Peeps you may change your mind. Peeps is fuzzy, he’s lovable and he grew up in a beard (really). The man initially bought Peeps as an egg, thinking he was a chicken. He was wrong, but he didn’t care, it turned out to be one of the cutest friendships ever.

“- So my first attempt to hatch out chicken eggs failed, except it turns out one of the eggs in there was a duck egg and apparently duck eggs are more hardy or tolerant of shitty incubation techniques.”

“- A towel was necessary, peeps poop a lot. “A lot” is an understatement.”

“- Pro tip: Best time for social interaction is after the food dish has been empty a few hours. Do not feed then socialize, unless you do it outside. You will get pooped on, repeatedly.”

“- I was worried that I wouldn’t feed or water it enough, but if you are in hearing range and that peep gets hungry or thirsty. You WILL know.”

“- So now I had a duckling. A single solitary duckling. Ducks are very social, raising a single duck is basically a death sentence, they will die of loneliness.”

“- Peeps doesn’t have a mother’s wing to go under, so my beard had to do.”

“- Did I mention poop? Fortunately, it’s not like cat or dog poop. I mean it’s gross, but it’s not pungently foul. Smells like of like wet bread.”

“- You will get pecked, but it doesn’t hurt. Unless it’s your eyeball. That hurts.”

“- Please don’t poop on my head.”

“- A peep in hand is worth…?”

Day 25

Day 41

“- Still likes to relax on my should and hang out. Watch tv and whatnot. Peeps is watching me type this. Still haven’t determined if Peeps is male or female. I’m waiting for the tail feathers to come in but that’ll be another month or 6 weeks. I have 3 more duck eggs incubating, should be ready to hatch in a week and a half or so. Peeps will have some friends in time for spring.”

Credits: Reddit.

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