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Your Very Own Harrier Jet: This Jet Will Go Down In History As One Of The All Time Great Classic British Aircraft


The Harrier Jet, originally developed in the 1960s, is most known for its vertical takeoff and landing ability. It’s a subsonic jet that can hover like a helicopter.

More: The Silverstone Classic Sale


Of course, this also causes it to be a pain in the ass to pilot. The vertical takeoffs are only possible at less than maximum loaded weight. Conventional landings are only possible within a narrow range of speeds, favoring a near-vertical landing with some forward speed. Even with these limitations, who wouldn’t want one?


On July 26, a 1976 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 Jump Jet will hit the auction block at England’s Silverstone Classic Sale. Unfortunately, the jet is no longer armed and the engine isn’t mounted.


Also, a few internal components are missing. But still, get some friends, some beers, and a few tools, and we’re confident you’ll be flying this jet in no time. After all, it was built for parking lots…


Sold in 2014 for £105,800 ($137,381).


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