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Adorable Photo Project Shows What Different People Are Waiting For

I am waiting for” is a social project, a new way to share your thoughts and to be heard! The project was born in Graphic Design Department of Vilnius Academy of Art, in Lithuania by three young graphic designers.

We seek to create a platform, that stimulates a community sense and reduces communicational gaps. The feeling of waiting – it is something that is really hard to define. It surrounds our personal, family and social life. It is hundreds of situations: from the smallest to the most important ones. The feeling of waiting keeps a person alive, stimulates to go forward and reach goals.

To spread the project, we created a set of stickers, postcards and posters. We put them in the streets, and sent to more than 10 countries all over the world. Share our project by tagging us with #iamwaitingfor or #aslaukiu.


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