Craftsman Jeffrey Michael Samudosky Transforms A Fallen Redwood Tree Into A Giant Eight-Tentacle Sea Creature – Design You Trust

Craftsman Jeffrey Michael Samudosky Transforms A Fallen Redwood Tree Into A Giant Eight-Tentacle Sea Creature

Washington-based woodcarver Jeffrey Michael Samudosky has been creating elaborate figural works from a variety of Pacific Northwest trees since he started his company JMS Wood Sculpture in 1998.

One of his most recent projects is a replica of an Enteroctopus dofleini, or Giant Pacific Octopus, carved from a fallen Redwood given to him by Redwood Burl. The cephalopod’s tentacles curve and twist their way across areas which Samudosky left natural, including the entire back of the trunk which gives the illusion that the octopus is on top of the tree, rather than a part of it.

More info: JMS Wood Sculpture, Facebook (h/t: colossal, laughingsquid)

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