Indian Artist Has Created “Kalpavriksha – The Wish Fulfilling Tree”

Indian designer and artist Vibhor Sogani has designed a modern stainless steel sculpture named “Kalpavriksha – the wish fulfilling tree”. The recently completed sculpture is the largest public art installation in the state of Gujarat and the second-largest in India.

The 35 foot (10m) high sculpture stands in the center of a large roundabout in an upcoming residential development, and is crafted from mirror-finished steel balls. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape, the installation is an abstract representation of a tree, and on a bright, sunny day, the installation sparkles, and appears soft and diffused when the sky is overcast.

In the evenings, there’s an amber glow on the inside and a cold white glow on the outside adds another element of drama to it.

More info: Vibhor Sogani (h/t: contemporist)

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