The Craziest, Funniest, And Least Fashionable T-Shirts In Asia. Seriously. – Design You Trust

The Craziest, Funniest, And Least Fashionable T-Shirts In Asia. Seriously.

The line between fashion and outright insanity is pretty thin in Asia.

In some places like Japan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, fashion, design, and technology are years ahead of what we currently have in the United States. While in other locales, like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and just about everywhere else in Southeast Asia, their choice of garments ranges from genius…to outright ludicrous. But no matter where they’re from, young Asians love to emulate U.S. culture – including the quintessential American printed t-shirt.

​Of course it makes no difference if they even understand the writing on the clothes they wear, or if the messages are highly offensive – just having English letters on an American-style t-shirt is usually enough to classify them as cool.

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