Shocking Photographs Show Japanese Drinkers Using Pavements, Doorways And A Plant Pot As Impromptu Pillows After Succumbing To The Effects Of Alcohol – Design You Trust

Shocking Photographs Show Japanese Drinkers Using Pavements, Doorways And A Plant Pot As Impromptu Pillows After Succumbing To The Effects Of Alcohol

Japan has a relatively tolerant approach to public drunkenness and people are often just left to sleep it off. However, in this case an official is seen attempting to rouse someone who has passed out.

The photographs were taken by Lee Chapman (previously featured here and here) who has been documenting life in the country. Beer, wine and whisky are popular drinks in Japan – but the traditional sake (rice wine) is still very much a part of everyday life. Vending machines which sell alcohol can be found virtually everywhere – even at the top of Mount Fuji. Alcohol has been part of Japanese culture since at least the third century. For the desperate, even a conveniently placed plant pot can be turned into an impromptu pillow.

More info: Lee Chapman (h/t: mirror)

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