These New Lagoona Tables By The Designer Alexandre Chapelin Look Like A Piece Of The Ocean

Alexandre Chapelin (previously featured) is the artist that has created the tables that provide you a dazzling blue by offering you a sample of the sea in levitation, in your home. And he lives in St. Martin. Unfortunately, the island of St. Martin was hit by the biggest hurricane ever recorded by scientists. Indeed, a category 7 hurricane with winds of more than 400 km/h.

Before the hurricane, Alexandre was about to create a new model ORO. ORO is going to be a table composed of two very big gold nuggets, and a considerable part of illusion of water in levitation. A fourth table in the NATURE series with an incredible natural stone.

And above all the CLUB DES 5. The CLUB DES 5 is a series of five tables all linked together by the same harmony and design. The ultimate goal is to sell these five pieces to five different people, and that an art collector makes the step to look for the five tables, and to become the owners of the latter. In order to re-create the CLUB DES 5.

Afterwards, there will be different clubs of the 5, this will be a collaboration with quatre artists from a different artistic world, such as street art, or four fashion designers to create five tables that will have the same goal we had evoked previously.

While waiting for him to put everything in place at his home in St. Martin, and rebuild his house. We invite you to discover the pieces that he has created for more than a year .

More info: Facebook, Instagram

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