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Puking Cat Gravy Boat: The Most Disgusting Kitchen Item Ever

Made to look like your gravy is being puked out of the cats mouth, this unique sauce server was certainly made for the lifelong cat ladies out there.

More: Twitter, Kickstarter h/t: sadanduseless

The tail of the cat is made to be the handle of the gravy boat, so just put in your contents through the hole on the back of the cat, and tip the cat forward. Gooey gravy goodness will then spew out of the cats mouth onto whatever food you place below (which we’re pretty sure gravy goes on everything).

This weird thing, is not only great for gravy, but it also works perfectly for use with sauce, dressing, syrup, bbq sauce, chocolate sauce, or really whatever your little heart desires to come projecting out of the cats mouth onto whatever you’re about to eat below it.

The vomiting kitty gravy boat was originally funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and now we just have to wait until it goes into production and becomes available to buyers. Maybe next Christmas…

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