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These Artists Makes Belgian Lake Mysteriously Glow


In the middle of a small lake in Belgium, a rectangular piece of the water’s surface is mysteriously glowing. This elusive light is the design of Belgian artist duo Karel Burssens and Jeroen Verrecht, aka “88888”, whose works transform specific sites into art.


Their otherworldly light installation, “Untitled”, was created for the Horst Art and Music Festival, located on one of the two moats that surround the medieval Horst Castle.


As with the duo’s other works, the piece is a play on the context of physical space (or the absence of it), testing both the limitations and our perceptions of our environment.


At night, its glow appears alien, if not impossible; a magical portal in a place just out of reach. Once the sun rises, the piece reveals itself to be a 40′ x 4′ foot hole lit by LEDs which interrupts the natural landscape.


Meant to be observed from the lake’s shore, the piece loses its effect as one approaches- the viewer’s experience of it lies in their imagination, ignited by curiosity and the unknown.


Via Hi-Fructose

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