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Cute Fashionable Animal Clay Dolls By Valentina Gekova

When someone mentions a doll, we usually imagine a human doll in Victorian clothes, or a Barbie. But there are many different ways to make and dress up a doll, and Russian artist Valentina Gekova shows this with her works. To put it shortly, she makes very cool dolls of animals like dogs, lizards, giraffes and others dressed up in very cool and comfy clothes, like tracksuits, sweatpants, jackets, etc. Though it doesn’t sound all that usual, the combination makes for a good end result.

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“My dolls are made of baked clay. I’m totally self-taught, I haven’t studied anywhere. I’ve been doing this work for 5 years and since then, this has been my main activity. At first I made small clay jars, then I made a (human) doll. And after that came the idea of making an animal doll. I like the modern look of the clothes I put on my dolls. It’s not vintage and it’s not history, but what surrounds us in life,” Valentina told Bored Panda.

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