Instagram’s “Pointless Packaging” Is Both Hilarious And Socially Aware

Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental issues we’re facing as a society, but that’s not stopping major supermarket chains from packaging their products in the most pointless ways. These wasteful attempts range from baffling to downright hilarious, and there’s an entire Instagram page devoted to them.

This social media account is titled @pointless_packaging and it attracted over 37,000 followers so far. The whole thing may seem hilarious at first because there’s no logical explanation behind some of the packaging displayed, but this page isn’t there just for laughs.

More: Instagram h/t: playjunkie

The main mission of this page is to raise awareness by displaying some of the most ridiculous examples of pointless plastic packaging most of us encounter in person. The majority of the photos feature pre-packaged fruits and veggies and they’ll force you to look at the way you shop for food in a whole new light.

The masterminds behind this page are even encouraging people to sign Green Peace’s petition that tells UK supermarkets to ditch plastic packaging. Hopefully, they’ll run out of things to post one day and we’ll get to live in a world where this kind of plastic waste no longer exists.

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