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This Artist Creates One Glorious Poster For Each Part Of The New Twin Peaks Every Week

In May 2017, illustrator Cristiano Siqueira took it upon himself to create one poster for every Part of Twin Peaks: The Return.

“My intention was to create a single poster for the whole season, but I think I never could answer to the complexity of Twin Peaks with just one poster,” the São Paulo-based illustrator tells Welcome to Twin Peaks.

And thus, a challenge was born.

Cristiano, who got into Twin Peaks back when he watched the original series on VHS in the 2000s, is loving the new series: “It’s much more intriguing, surrealistic and Lynchesque than ever. It’s been exciting and inspiring!” But it’s not always easy to select a single moment from 58 minutes of “moving art.” Part 5 was the toughest so far, remembers Cristiano.

“I wanted to portrait Becky Burnett since the first time I saw the car scene, but there’s SO much going on in that episode.” He decided the key is to always follow your intuition.

(h/t: welcometotwinpeaks)

More info: Cristiano Siqueira, Instagram, Facebook, Behance

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