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Anonymous Hero Is ‘Protecting’ Graffiti Penises By Painting Condoms Over Them

An anonymous street artist is doing a noble service to the many graffiti penises of London – by spray-painting condoms on top of them. It’s pretty hilarious, but it also sends an important public health message which we’re sure even the original authors of the graffiti would be cool with.

Protect City Cocks, as the campaign is now known, started when an art director (whose name is undisclosed) noticed the shocking amount of unwanted penis drawings scattered across London’s walls.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda, ufunk)

They confronted him, they made him dig deep inside his soul, and eventually, they inspired him to turn them into something meaningful. “I then started to go out like some kind of heroic super-sex-hero protecting these unprotected graffiti penises,” he wrote in a blog post for Campaign Magazine. In addition to the condoms, he also includes a link to a UK sexual health website where free condoms can be attained.

Over 100,000 new cases of sexually transmitted infections are detected every year in London, a statistic Protect City Cocks hopes to aid in curbing.

“I wanted to convey the importance of this message while connecting with society in an entertaining, engaging and truthful way,” he wrote.

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