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These Wonderful Butterfly Crowns Can Turn Any Head Into A Magical Fairytale


Artist standing behind this fashionable crowns is Irina Osinchuck-Chajka of Eten Iren. She used EVA foam in a process of making this delicate accessorize, which makes the crowns transformable and adjustable in numerous ways leaving you space for your own creativity and personal touch. Patterns on butterflies’ wings are hand painted by the artist making them really lifelike. From afar, thin wire that secures the butterflies is practically invisible leaving an observer with an impression that lovely creatures are gently fluttering around your hair.

More info: Irina Osinchuck-Chajka, Facebook, Instagram (h/t: theawesomedaily, mymodernmet)


Check out these amazing butterflies crowns which made a huge impact on the recent crown trend. Wearing them it looks like a fellowship of butterflies has gathered around your head, following you playfully wherever you go.


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