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Japanese Artist Creates The Most Realistic-Looking Wearable Animal Heads You’ve Ever Seen

Whether you’re a passionate furry or just someone who appreciates cool headgear, you’re most likely going to love the incredibly realistic wearable heads made by Japanese modeler Kamonohashizokei (Platypus Modeling).

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Looking at theses animal heads for the first time, you’re tempted to think they’re just that, creepy taxidermied heads, but in fact they are all synthetic hand-made renditions created by one of Japan’s most talented modelers. And the best part is that you can wear them on your head to freak people out.


Kamonohashizokei‘s creations are so life-like that they’ve been featured in in commercials and film numerous times, but he also sells them online. Considering the work that must go into achieving this level of realism, you’ve probably already guessed that Kamonohashizokei’s animal heads are anything but cheap. They are priced between 264,600-286,200 yen ($2,468-$2,670), depending on the complexity and size of the model, so they’re definitely not the kind of thing you’d buy for a child.


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