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Youmeng Liu Makes Realistic 3D Embroideries, And They Look Good Enough To Eat

Embroideries have come a long way from just being a traditional art form, and nowadays there’s many masters in the field. Naturally, they all want to make their special mark, and because of that, they keep looking for new paths to explore within the medium.

Thanks to artists like Youmeng Liu, I’m not quite sure what’s edible anymore: if it looks like food, it might not exactly be food. Youmeng doesn’t just reproduce the realistic aspect on the surface level, and these embroideries don’t just look like detailed images printed out on a screen, they also have a certain voluminous 3D element to them. Thank god these embroideries at least don’t smell and feel like food, or I’d just try to eat them without thinking twice. Even though they’re not edible, I’m certain they’ll be a feast for your eyes.

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