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These Super Realistic Custom-Made Pet Replica Masks Are A Sweet Spot Between Cute And Frightening

We have no doubt that you love your pet to the moon and back, and that a life without that pooch and/or kitty would be joyless and too difficult to bear. Arguably, the best companionship providers, they will never let loneliness knock on your door. And so, having established how vital and imposing pets are on our lives, wouldn’t you agree that they also deserve a proper gift for everything they do?

h/t: prtimes (jp), boredpanda

A quick Google search will provide a myriad of options for custom-made gifts among which those obsessing over their pets will find something worthwhile. A pillow featuring none other than your furry friend, a picture replica of your pet’s paw, a custom stuffed animal, a customized Christmas ornament, or a craftily-made necklace that you can keep close to your heart (complete with your pet’s name, and a paw print, of course).

The list of possibilities is endless, but today we wanted to talk about one, rather peculiar, custom-made present.

Trying to think of a suitable gift that would show the reciprocation of all the affection we receive, Japanese Shindo Rinka found a solution that is, well… truly entertaining. For as little as 300,000 JPY ($2,781.60 USD), you can get a custom mask resembling your pet, and believe us when we say this, the resemblance will be uncanny. Shindo’s extremely realistic masks feel like a prompt from a retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, a retelling in which the granny, for reasons unbeknownst to us, is the one to put on a mask and pass herself as a wolf.

So if you feel extra generous and want to show your pet just how happy it makes you feel, look no more for that perfect gift!

Creation of a mask in honor of one precious pooch:

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