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This Modern Cat Tree Designed To Feel Your Cats At Anytime

This vertically oriented piece designed by the Japanese craftsman Yoh Komiyama. Covered in natural wood offers a private space for the cat while serving as a decorative interior object that fits seamlessly with its surroundings.

The spaces in between each cylindrical post provide glimpses, and thus convey the mutual presence, of both cat and human, maintaining a furtive connection between the two for a greater intimacy. As the axis of rotation is built in the outer structure, it can be opened like a door for easy maintenance.

The Greek marble used for the base not only helps the cat regulate body temperature more effectively, it also provides a low center of gravity to stabilize the tree. As for the materials, they offer design and functional value while also expressing a cultural fusion between the wooden materials of the East and stone materials of the West.

More info: Yoh Komiyama

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