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Sushi That Looks Like Real-Life Swimming Koi In A Few Simple Steps


Sushi is delicious, and koi-fish are amazing, so why not join the two into an amazing and delicious combination? That’s what JunsKitchen has achieved in their short video on how to make sushi that looks like real-life swimming koi fish.

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

What do you need to make this dream a reality? Just sushi rice, spicy cod roe, squid, shrimp, seaweed, cucumber, and radishes. The squid is the secret ingredient that you’ll use to create the koi-fish’s body, completing the illusion! See the rest of the instructions below.

Image credits: hk

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits: Grapee

Image credits: Grapee

Learn how to make them yourself:

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

Image credits: Juns Kitchen

h/t: bored panda, tabi-labo, rocketnews24

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