Amazing Macro Portraits of Bees Reveal How Different They Actually Look

Wildlife camera and drone operator Josh Forwood shot a fascinating series of close-up portraits of bees that “show how very different they all look.”

“At the start of April I got back from a month long shoot to discover that my new bee hotel I’d built in February was now full a hive of activity with residents buzzing in and out all day!” he writes.

More: Josh Forwood, Instagram h/t: petapixel

“To keep my sanity during post-shoot quarantine I took on a little personal project, shooting portraits of my bee guests. The beauty and diversity in these fascinating animals mean they are always a fascinating subject to film and photograph.”

“In the UK alone, 225 of the 250 species of bee we have are solitary bees, and many of them take refuge in places like my #BeeHotel.”

“There are lots of things you can do for World Bee Day. You could plant some bee friendly flowers in your garden, switch to organic foods which don’t use harmful pesticides, or build/buy your own bee hotel.”

“Whatever you do for world bee day, make sure you share and post about it so others can learn what they can do to help these wonderful animals which are vital for our own survival!”

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