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Banksy Designs New Souvenirs For Hotel With The ‘Worst View In The World’

The gift shop is situated towards the back of the hotel and sells items created exclusively for the Walled Off by Banksy. It should not be confused with the ‘Banksy Shop’ next door – which has nothing to do with Banksy at all. All profits from sales go towards sustaining the hotel and social projects. Select items are available worldwide on mail order.

Just in case you weren’t sure what Banksy thinks about the wall (not a fan) his latest range of ‘souvenir collectables’ anticipate the day the concrete menace has been defeated and feral youth scribble on its skeletal remains. For those of you concerned that making glorified tourist tat from military oppression is ethically dubious – there is at least the solace that each wall is lovingly hand painted by craftspeople in the local area.

More info: Walled Off Hotel

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