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Sleek Vertical Planters Let You Grow an Elegant Garden Indoors


If you live in a small home, then you know that floor and counter space is at a premium. This often leaves little room for potted plants, but floral designer Kim Fisher has an ingenious solution. She has created a 22-inch circular hanging planter that holds colorful vegetation, even with limited space. By attaching it to the wall, you take advantage of the vertical height while leaving other, more useful, areas free. Better yet, the planter’s clean and modern design resembles a work of art rather than a conventional pot.


This suspended garden is specially crafted for succulents and airplants. It’s made from aluminum, and the bottom half is covered by heavy-duty plastic that keep small rocks, moss, dirt, and plants in place. For those who lack a green thumb, this setup requires very little maintenance with plants that are difficult to kill.


Fisher’s vertical garden is hand-crafted and includes two airplants. It’s now available through her Etsy shop.

Via My Modern Met, Home Crux

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