52-Year-Old Filipino Driver Uses Aluminum Wires To Create Amazing Works Of Art

People in the Philippines were uniquely talented and able to create something different coming out from their own ideas. Some Filipinos have also the expertise in creating weird, unique, and amazing handicrafts, which will surely attract people’s attention.

The 52-year-old Carlito Romanillos is one of those Filipinos, who has wild imagination in creating unique and wonderful handicrafts. In his every masterpiece people can see his dedication through his very diligent craftsmanship.

Tatay Carlito making those handicrafts out of aluminum or copper wire then he designs it according to his preference. He has a car, motorcycle, jeepney, bike, vintage vehicles, and other handicraft design made of wire.

His handicrafts draw attention on the social media. Many netizens give their positive comments and praises for the old man. Some of them would like to help Tatay Carlito by purchasing some of his handicrafts.

“I hope people don’t haggle too much because this is my work of art. I put a lot of effort into this. After all, I just wanted to make a hobby out of it,” he said.

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